A neo-pop made in Japan...

Saori Nakamishi and Hiro Ando create a unique plastic universe inspired by manga with an aesthetic that is playful and catchy.

The CRAZY NOODLES Studio manages the work of several artists with different visions but who adhere to the same culture, and combines this work to produce a unique, creative and shared concept. The Studio is continually trying to renew its original concepts in order to expand its horizons.

\“Studio\” meet with their first success on the European and American art scenes

Eager to expand their activity to Europe and the USA, the ringleaders of “Studio” have come up with a large number of exhibition projects to be held this year on the Western art scene, from Paris to New York, not to forget London and Miami.

The creative universe of CRAZY NOODLES with its typical Lolita manga is an erotic world, composed mainly of young girls, in their underwear or naked, and characters engaging in subversive activities. It remains, however, reminiscent of very old Japanese traditions. All of this is definitely gaining recognition from major galleries and art fairs of the Western world.
Galerie Ariel Sibony, PARIS, April10th- May13th 2008 & Oct27th - Nov31th
Opera Gallery, LONDON, July2nd-July17th 2008
5ème Galerie, PARIS, Oct1st - Oct31th 2008
Art London , Oct 2nd-Oct 6th 2008
Art Miami, Dec 3rd-Dec 7th 2008

The Studio's most recent works ...

3 artists, 3 mediums and 3 trends, all with the same creative concept

  • Japan by Jimmy Yoshimura : between tradition and modernity
  • The subversive Xiao Mei and the masters of the Chinese contemporary arts: praise or a gaze without mercy ?
  • The timeless “encounters” of Ryoko WATANABE: characters from old Japan stand facing Japan of the new millennium
  • The big family of Hiro ANDO: the sumocats, supercats, robotcats, urbancats, samuraicats invade the “studio” and take on colour….yellow, red, blue, gold, silver, black or white…